Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week ending 8/29

Well, pretty frustrating day for me overall. Turns out I'm a bit more worn out from last Saturday than I let myself believe and perhaps should have turned in for some rest instead of pushing through. Really, the long run today should have been the capstone to a decent block of training for Steamboat in 3 weeks, but what it did was create some doubt in my time goals. I bailed at 18 miles and just sat in Bear Creek for 2 hrs, which while fun, didn't accomplish what I had hoped for in 28 miles today. The wisdom in my head says that it's better to show up to the start line a touch under-trained than a touch injured. 80 miles on the week.

I'm trying not to let this go to my head, I know that the miles I put in and the summer of running I've turned in so far is a show of forward progress. I have done some great work, seen some really lofty goals come down by putting in the work necessary. I took over an hour off my PR at 50 miles (actually more, since Silver Rush is a short course), ran a decent half marry half-assed, and stayed healthy.

I have 3 weeks to tune up for Steamboat, and I'm going to start by taking two days off in a row, something I haven't done in a long time, but something I feel I need to do in order to be able to put in the quality miles to sharpen up. I'm not a high mileage guy yet, I think I wanted to become one this summer because it sounded good and everyone else is seemingly putting in huge miles. What I've come away with is that I am still a work in progress, I was not a runner until about this time 2 years ago. Since then I've gone from trying to run my first ultra on 40 mpw, to racing a 50 and logging some much higher mileage.

Being able to juggle family and everything else is tough for me, but I love my family, and won't do anything to sacrifice them. Today, I spent some quality time with my son playing in the river along with "uncle Jon". Jon is my training parter (I've dragged him along on long training runs before he even cared much about running) and he's been the best companion one could ask for out on the trail and in life. Xavier is lucky to get so much time with him.

Tomorrow, I will start my taper by playing some footy over at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. Thank God that Liverpool won today, because the Padres were swept by the Phils and without that, my sporting world would have been 0-3.

Time to rest and finish my beer.


Aaron said...

From what I've read on your blog, you are well on your way to having an awesome race at Steamboat. Sounds to me like you deserve some well-earned tapering over the next few weeks!
(but don't listen to me because I'm pretty much clueless, and I'm planning running steamboat on an average of like 30 miles per week all summer.)

GZ said...

80 miles a week is pretty high, particularly in the heat, and if done with climbing.

You need (you know this) not sweat what anyone else is doing for mileage - because your body does not care what anyone else is doing for mileage. You need to absorb that as it comes.

PatrickGarcia said...

Aaron- Thanks, make sure to say hi, I'll be the guy freezing his ass of wearing a Runner's Roost singlet and arm panties...

GZ- Yeah, I sometimes get wrapped up in other people's games. As I look back, the numbers look better than I thought anyway, and I logged 102 miles between last Saturday and Friday which is my biggest 7 day total ever. I'm slowly getting my shit together, but I think I've got pretty moderate expectations for Steamboat now... more to come on that.

Woody said...

Isn't it funny how reading other people's blogs produces a wide range of feelings? Most of the time I get excited, encouraged and I'm genuinely happy to see them grow, be challenged, and enjoy the sport that I love. Other times, I feel guilty that I'm not putting in the time/mileage/elevation that they are. Fear will set in that I'm not going to as successful at races as they are. That part is lame.

I sounds like you're managing the "juggle" well. Setting non-running priorities and then letting running fill in the cracks is an approach that has worked for me.