Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Run in to Steamboat V.50

Halfway through the training block designed to gain some strength and be able to peak for Steamboat and I'm feeling OK so far. From 8/2 to 8/15 I ran 136.6 miles in 22:11:09. Some good elevation, climbing, and tempo work thrown in there, and this has been a good effort.

The next two weeks is where the chips really count. 50 mile pacing duties on Saturday/Sunday have the mileage and time on the feet there, getting some mid week quicker turnover should allow me to maintain some resemblance of speed, but the HM last Saturday gave me the confidence boost I needed in regards to turnover.

The plan after that is to knock out a 90 mile week capping it with a "tempo" 50K (mix road and trial from the house) and then taper sharply and rest. That should have me at 50, 40, 25 going in to the 18th. I am planning on trying to solve the chafing issue I've dealt with on long runs/races by going to a short tight. Sort of look like a goof, but I don't want bloody thighs like at Sun Mountain any more no matter how stupid I look.

This weekend, Oh man, this weekend is gonna be epic. I wish I could be a million places to see all the fun racing taking place, but I will be in the best possible place of all, in the passenger seat for the 2nd 50 miles of Pb. HERE. WE. GO.

All you racers, It's time to Cowboy up.


Woody said...

I've never been so excited to follow a 100 miler as I am for Leadville this year. Looks like the weather should be nice and a non-factor for the race. Can you post something on your site to let us know how Leila did?

Also, congrats on the GTIS half. Solid time! I was driving by Idaho Springs around 10:30am and it looked like the post-race party was in full swing.

PatrickGarcia said...

We'll see about the weather, I make no claims until the run is over! I'll try to post something as soon as I can, though not likely to have computer access until Sunday afternoon. Good luck to you!