Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fruita DNF

Not a whole lot to go on here, but heading down the final hill towards the end of the first loop I tweaked something in my groin.  With Greenland next weekend and Bighorn looming I shut it down and decided to call it a day.  Thanks to Runner's Roost mate Ryan for lugging me to the start and the post DNF beer and fellow mate Bryan for a 3rd place finish..  Rachel had a great run in the half marathon the next day, going a full 15 minutes under her goal time.  Pretty funny though, she called the climbs (same as the opener for the 25/50) weak shit.  Fair enough, bigger and better next time.  Overall, a great weekend though.  Oliver's first camping experience was a success despite the heat and lack of shade.  I think the fact that he camps well should open up some more family run outings in the future.  In any case, it's almost nice to have the DNF out of the way, and now I need to just focus on Bighorn and make sure I get there alive and in one piece.  More pictures coming, lots of bighorn sheep on the rock cliffs of the monument.

Balanced Rock - Colorado National Monument

Monday, April 9, 2012

This list of the "12 hardest races in the world" is circulating.  Not sure who makes this crap up, but there is no way this list is close to accurate.  Leadville and HURT are on the list as running events, but no Hardrock.  That's just dumb.