Sunday, August 22, 2010

Quick Note on Pb

Full report to come, but some highlights:

Unofficial results here. Lucho 6th overall. 8 of top 10 from CO.

Leila was 6th female in 24:36:20 which as you know is good for one BIG BUCKLE!

DC took the win (2nd win now, Gunny wins the last 3 titles). Notable DNF's included 7 + pages, but Anton and Hal were scratched, not much about details, but rumors were that Meds pulled Anton at Fish with a huge lead again.

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Woody said...

Awesome!! Way to go Leila! I bet you were a rockin' pacer helping her get the job done. Crazy day up there for sure. The tweets were sporadic and inadequate for all us trying to follow along. Can't wait for the report!