Wednesday, August 4, 2010


That's my planned build up for Steamboat in terms of miles. I don't expect fireworks, but I'm hoping to not embarrass myself like last year. I think I can run under 9 hours and who knows from there. Like Sun Mountain, I know where to hit the gas, for steamboat that is from going to and coming from the 23.5/27.7 aid station known as "Dumont". The trail leading into and out of Dumont is flat and fast and I plan on keeping the pace near 7:45/m if I can.
I feel that with a mostly solid spring/summer of miles under my belt, I am much better prepared for Steamboat this year. I'm also glad that I will be embarking on a bit of a vacation thereafter by heading down to San Diego for my Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. That's 30 times as long as my son has lived! While I definitely won't run the week after Steamboat I'll likely be back on the bike loosening out the legs and getting ready for my first ever Cyclocross event in October. The great thing about cyclocross is that I can train on stuff I'd like to run and even get a bit of running in. While in San Diego though, I may have a hard time not venturing up Cowles Mountain which lies just a few miles from my Grandparents in La Mesa.

Initially I thought I'd get some thoughts towards racing the end of this year and early next year like January and February. However, to be honest, I'm a bit tired from the structure and I think I'll relax this winter and keep the miles in control while maintaining a base. In December, I will retool my race plans depending on what happens with the States lottery. If I get in, I'll be stoked, but if not, I may sign up for Pb or forgo the 100m distance for a more reasonable 100K (Waldo perhaps). With thoughts of a second child in the air (we will have more, the question of when is getting closer and closer as Xavier gets older) I have a feeling that my shot for a legitimate chance to train for 100 miles will be 2011 and it's on the life list so that could be a factor in my decision.
For next year, I'm leaning towards races I think will be fun, rather than returning to races I've done (unless for some reason my wife lets me buy a single speed 29er in which case I'll be going after Leadman [LT Marathon/Silver Rush 50M Run/LT 10K/ LT 100 Run/ LT 100 MTB]). If that is the case, I'd like to try out the trail marathon in Pagosa "turkey track" or get out to Portland for the Forest Park 50K.

Pretty much everything else is wide open. Like skipping my run to play boosh ball with my buddies last night ;)
(a particularly sweaty me grabbing some coffee post run in Casper)


Woody said...

This post is what I love so much about running. The possibilities are endless! And if you're in good enough shape, you can toss 50M, 100K, and 100M out there and enjoy the process of dreaming and deciding upon what will turn into reality. Of course some luck w/ the WS lottery helps too.

PatrickGarcia said...

I like where running can take you, and I'm on the latter end of thinking I might start skipping competition all together and create my own "backcountry" events/adventures. I don't know, half of me likes the "race" setting and the other half just wants to go and not see anyone for 10 hours... ps Woody, if you're bored Saturday night, Leila and I (and a host of others) are driving up to do a night run in Leadville from fish hatchery to Leadville ~25 miles.

Recipe of the Month! said...

once we have that second baby you are going on house arrest! jk. By then X will be in while you can!!! uhhh shit'll buff out