Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Roes in for Steamboat

Looks like it may be a race for second this year as Roes is showing on the site now. Being arguably the most dominant ultrarunner the last 2 years (and by far the most gifted in the field), it'll take a hell of a run to beat him, and I would expect the 7 hr barrier to fall as well. Though as the WS champ, he's already got the exemption which means that the WS slots could fall to 3rd place at least per Bryon's post.

Interesting stuff, Roes was posted to the site after registration was closed which I am taking to be some sort of "sponsor's exemption" into the race. I'm fine with the exemptions, but I'd like to see them extend it beyond Montrail athletes, to me it just seems unfair to announce the race late into registration, then allow your runners to get in after it's full but not allow other top athletes to get in... especially with more cash on the line.

Not that I have any interest in the cash, I'd just like to finish under 9 hrs ;)


Marco Peinado said...

I could not agree more with you on this one. Whats the mark for being a top athlete though?

PatrickGarcia said...

Goood point, I'd be fine with race management having discretion (similar to PPA/PPM/BTMR) or allowing folks who've placed top 5 in other MUC races.

Marco Peinado said...

thats one way to go about it. I think there needs to be a specific way to classify "elite" runners. Maybe running under a certain time while also taking into account the course.