Thursday, July 1, 2010

June's rearview mirror

June was a good month, really low volume of miles as I tapered pretty drastically for Sun Mountain and then took the entire week off after to recover. I feel pretty good now, a bit of tired legs still lingering around and some low energy levels (could be due to work craziness). 14 days off! Wow! But it helped me stay fit, focused, and prepare for my race and as well recover without injuring myself again.

Total Miles: 172.44
Total Time: 28:00:20
Total Elevation Gain: 20,700'
Average miles per day of running: 10.78

Lots of rest there, but it helped me run stronger than I ever have and recover without a hitch so far. Right now the Sun Mountain site shows me in 5th overall but it is preliminary and not accurate. 2 guys ahead of me cut the course by over 3 miles and likely will be moved and I was bummed to hear that Brian Morrison DNF'd around mile 40.

I'm not sure what the rest of the year holds, ideally I'd like to cap the year in December with either the Quad Dipsea or NFEC 50K in San Francisco. This will depend on family schedules, time off, and scrilla. Interesting thoughts on the NFEC 50K is that I could possibly run for a win there with the heavy hitters going for the cash in the 50M event. Who knows. I'm happy with my running coming around and that I was able to prepare and execute a race plan. I think with a more solid base (somewhere in the 70-90 mpw range) and specificity of training, I can continue to improve and get faster/more mountain goat-esque.

On to Barr trail... That one's gonna hurt a bit :)

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