Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Competition at Steamboat


Geoff Roes shows Steamboat on his schedule, which I guess is possible since Montrail is putting this thing on now. If he's there, I think it's pretty much game over and a race for second.

And they are officially full
I emailed and heard back from the RD Fred, they have let more than the 150 in figuring there will be some DNSers. As Marco pointed out, Dylan Bowman is in the mix so I'll add him. I'll try to stay up on the registrants list, but if you see someone I missed, please point them out! No telling when the actual registration will close (it's still open as of now) but probably soon. Their permit only allows 150 to compete.

Now that Steamboat appears to have filled to it's cap of 150 runners. I've taken the liberty of running through the list and cross referencing the database for results to find out where the competition lies. My results are as follows:

Ryan Burch - Needs no intro here. Defending champ, no doubter to run fast.

Naz Alvarez - Ran 3:29 at CP25 but I'm not sure he's an ultra guy.

Allen Belshaw - Has run some really fast times on tough courses a few years back, though his recent results haven't been similar. Who knows.

Charles Corfield - Ran fast at low elevation on flat courses (ie. 7:50 at Rocky Raccoon) but it'll take a time like that on much harder course at elevation.

Donald Demetriades - Ran a 7:50 in Madison at the NF challenge a few years back.

Scott Drum - I think he's more of a short distance guy, but he's fast. And he knows running (works with DC, TP, and RB in Gunny)

Bill Fanselow - Never heard of this guy until he ran a 7:05 at CP and 7:37 at North Fork last weekend. Those times put him near the top of the list.

Bryan Goding - 2nd last year in 8:05. Always a fast guy. I don't suppose this year will be any different.

Ian Golden - Ran some good times in 2005, who knows. Mostly west coast stuff.

Corey Hanson - 8:05 at CP, 7:08 at the Rocky Mtn Double Marathon, 22:47 at Bighorn all this year, apparently, he's in shape!

Donnie Haubert - 8:15 at CP. Right about where it looks to be competitive.

David Pokorny - Fast 50K times, but at low elevation. We'll see.

**Dylan Bowman - 6:52 at Silver Rush last weekend, 4:55 at the GG dirty 30, 4:04 Quicksilver 50K, 8:20 Desert RATS 50 all this year and 8:51 on this course last year, he'll be right up in the mix with the top dogs.

For me, I don't see how Burch is beat here. Fanselow and Goding seem to be the cream of the crop as well. I'm always skeptical about folks coming up and trying to run at altitude, so I think the local guys will be favorites again. I think there is a possibility that I could get in the top 5, but we'll see how the next month of training goes. Really, what matters to me is that I take at least an hour off last year's debacle. I know where to take it easy, and where I can kill it. This year, I'm planning on doing just that.


Team Gangels Runs said...

if he runs a good race Fanselow will be hard. Ryan will have to work pretty hard for the win this year.

PatrickGarcia said...

I agree TGR, initially when I looked at the list, I didn't see his name, but now it seems like the sub 8:30 mark will be pretty full unlike years past.

Recipe of the Month! said...

and not lock the wife and baby out of the cabin at 5am...

Woody said...

Geez...I have a long way to go in recognizing the who's who in ultras. It will be cool to see how this unfolds. Sweet comment above did that not make it into your RR from last year.

Marco Peinado said...

Dylan Bowen is someone to watch for. He ran 6:53 at Silver Rush and is improving with every race.

PatrickGarcia said...

Woody- yeah, that was something else! Not my fault! BTW, just reserved my cabin. We should do some carpool to the start and the ladies can sleep in (unless yours is planning on watching the start).

Marco- Thanks for the heads up, he's fast alright.

Woody said...

My wife thinks your plan is brilliant!