Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photos from Washington and Sun Mtn 50

I don't have any pictures of me running or finishing, but that's what you get for being the first buddy in! I'm stoked for Gunner, super strong race in his first ultra, and already up for #2 in Steamboat. Who needs 50K's eh Gunner?

(I, unlike tom hanks, slept quite well in seattle)

(crazy planted houses)

(from the front of our hostel)

(Laurie! badwater next!)

(Gunner finishing with a high five!)

(backside of the Sun Mountain course)

(the meathow valley... mmm...)

(passing the time in our beastly toyota yaris!)

(amazing amounts of smoked salmon chowda')


trudginalong said...

oh, so this is where you're taking your wife for your next vacation?

trudginalong said...

haha...this would be your wife logged into youre account..hehe

Scott said...

Awesome awesome. Especially the last photo.

trudginalong said...

My wife who can't use the correct you/your/you're? Yup!

Thanks Scott, I hope Korea is starting to cycle towards mastery for you.

Recipe of the Month! said...

don't be such a smart ass...I was typing fast!

Jim P. said...

Congrats on the PR in WA. Way to stick w/ it and push through those last 10 miles!

trudginalong said...

Thanks Jim! Did we run Bergen peak together a few weeks back? The DTR evening group?

Jim P. said...

Nope. I wasn't on the DTR run at Bergen Peak. I must have been out of town because I live just over the hill to the south from Elk Meadow. Would have loved to run up the peak w/ a group! The last DTR run I did was a Thursday run at Green Mtn in Lakewood several weeks back. Drop me a line if you make your way back up to these parts.

trudginalong said...

Jim, I'll do that, I'm not this week, but normally I try to get up the hill mid week (tue/wed) and run something Kittridge or west.