Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thoughts, update, and Barr

I've not run much since Sun Mountain, hence the little posting. Last week I ran the second loop of the North Fork 50M course with Gunner and we both were feeling that it was a bit too soon for anything that major! Man I was tired, we got lost for a while and added a solid 4 miles to the run so it ended up being 23 when I was unsure of getting close to 20. My left foot started acting up about 10 miles in, sort of a pain behind my big toe on top of my foot which I had after Sageburner last year, and the left side of my foot was cramping bad (wierd, never happend before). So I took the Sunday-Tuesday and spent it on the bike while icing my foot and my short 5 miles yesterday felt pretty good. My foot is a bit sore but nothing like Saturday and I'll keep icing and making sure it's in good shape.

Now onto Barr Trail. I'm not particularly sure of my abilities to run a course like this, in fact, I think I'm about as unskilled in this particular type of race as one could be, but I like the trail, and it will be fun to see the top dawgs come ripping down (provided my face isn't stuck to the ground wheezing). Hoping to meet some ultrabloggers that I follow and some generally awesome folk down in Manitou.

Happy Hunting...


Some additional notes, apparently the official results won't move anyone around at Sun Mountain even though I know for a fact that two of the guys ahead of me cut the course. Whatever, not a big deal (I go back and forth on how much I care, ego I guess...). So offically I'm 5th overall. Still, first top 5. Also, I am offically in for Steamboat. Spots are running out if you are going to get in, they cap at 150 and I got an email from Fred (RD) saying they've become part of the Montrail Ultra Cup, so if you want in get in now. Likely when it's offically announced WS seekers will be trying to grab spots in a fast course...

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