Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Pb

Gathering things, I'll have this on a placard to make sure I know where we are!

More things to come, I'm thinking of getting to know the course a bit better soon ;)

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Marco Peinado said...

I have looked at a couple of tables like yours and everyone has something different!!! Here are my 2 cents. Today Lynette and I ran from Treeline, aka Pipeline, to the Colorado Trail and I was confused with the distances that I previously had. This is what I found out. From Twin Lakes to Halfmoon it's more like 8 miles. From Halfmoon to Treeline it's 4 miles. It is also 4 miles from Treeline to the Hatchery. I have ran this sections quite a few times and I truly believe this distances are much more accurate.