Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Racing

Well, I'm gonna show up to the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon this Saturday. I feel about as unprepared as a runner could be to attempt thier first half marathon and am preparing myself to be underwhelmed! In fact, the only thing I know I have going for me is that I know Beau Jo's pizza is next to the finish line and I'm not sure anyone could be unhappy finishing and then finding excellent pizza and beer nearby (however, I have been reading some links from GZ's blog that are roadie related, I really like the malmo manifesto).

What do I expect? Well, I expect to run pretty slow compared to the others who will be wearing our team singlet that's for sure. I can't remember the last time I've done any speedwork, and I'm pretty sure the fastest mile I've run lately was the 3rd or 4th mile of Sun Mountain (7 flat maybe?). I think I could run somwhere in the 1:35-1:40 range, though it's pretty much all guessing here, I've got no idea what I'm doing in a road half (or a trail half for that matter as evidenced by BTMR).

Here are some things I think will probably happen:

1. Don't warm up well (I don't even know how to warm up, in ultras I just take it easy for a mile or two IN THE RACE)

2. Go out too hard

3. Look like a kook (Spilling gatorade all overmyself? Oh yeah, I don't do the cup thing well)

4. Be the only person with duct taped/superglued shoes (NB's fault, not mine)

5. Constantly thinking about my Hope Pass double crossing coming the following day (wanted to do it the night before, but commitments came up).

That's about it, stay tuned as I report back from the world of roadies!

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GZ said...

Nobody cares about shoes, gatorade ... its about the result. Good luck!