Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekly Miles 3/1 - 3/7

Whew! A mentally challenging but fun week.


Mon- 5m @ Wash Park, no watch, feeling stiff and took it easy.

Tue- 5m @ Wash Park, progressive miles from 8:00 - 7:00/m felt easy/moderate

Wed- 7m @ Wash Park/DU/Harvard Gulch loop mile warm and cool 5@ 7:20 felt good

Thu- Planned to go out, but just didn't work out. Wasn't feeling great so it was probably a good thing

Fri- 8m @ HCT, slow out 8:40/m and felt terrible, sped it up to chase down a guy in the distance and was 7:12/m in, felt better as I sped up

Sat- 10.5 @ Lumpy Ridge Loop in Estes Park. Gunner and I decided to try out a trail in hopes the snow had sufficiently melted...HA! We started out on the trail with southern exposure from the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead. Actually the trail for the first mile was OK, slushy but not horrid. This section (first 2 miles) were straight savage primal climbing, and could be a great way to teach someone on the joys of altitude headaches. Near the top there was a great 50 yard ice rink that I had some trouble on, and Gunner pretty much dominated me for the last .5 mile up and was sitting up at the summit (actually a frozen pool)taking my picture. Seriously, that was as good as our efforts got as almost the entirety of the rest of the way was postholing... As I speak my shins are horridly sore and scabby :) Sat in the hot tub for a long time and it was probably not a good idea, but it felt great.

Sun- Off

Total: 35.5 miles

Well, Sunday I felt horrible and took the day off. The LRL run with Gunner was the hardest (and slowest) 10 miles I've ever run and I felt it. My knees were stiff and my left ankle and shin were screaming so I promised my body I'd give it 2 days off. I'd meant to hit 40 miles again, but I'm not worried, I'm glad I'm running again. I feel pretty good today and it was hard for me to not run, but I did it. I'll ice tonight again, and wake up with the good fortune of running. Runner's Roost Team meeting is Thursday, should be fun!


Woody Anderson said...

Nice work. That run on Saturday sounded brutal, but fun. Postholing is the worst...and exhausting.

"I'll ice tonight again, and wake up with the good fortune of running." -- For those of us who haven't been bitten by the injury bug recently, we can lose this perspective during arduous training. Won't be long before those muddy, snow covered trails dry up!!

trudginalong said...

Thanks Woody, and yeah it was. Gunner has promised pictures to me and I will post em when I get em, there's a good one of my really frustrating postholes (little over the calf)! Man I can't wait for the trails to dry, it's all I can think of...