Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Miles 3/22 - 3/28

Okay, so I broke a promise, but I swear I didn't mean to! I honestly thought that this week ended in April, but I was off by a week... So My promise not to touch 50 miles until April was not to be held. Regardless, I feel that it was OK because I only increased my miles from last week by 3 miles, so not like I'm jumping into crazy high milage or anything. Here's the week in full:

Mon- Easy 7.25m @ Wash Park x2 in 1:01:59 for a cruisy simple 8:33/m pace

Tue- Same as Mon 7.25m in 53:04, picked up the pace for about 5 miles to do a short tempo and was feeling good 7:19 total average, with tempo miles around 6:55/m

Wed- 7m @ work on the dreadmill, about a foot to 14 inches of new snowy slop had me on the mill but I mixed it up to have some fun with about 1000' of climbing in 1.5 miles (climb pace @ 10:00/m some at 10% some at 15% grade) if my math on gradient is correct which it's probably not. Also threw in some intervals at about 6:30/m pace just because I was indoors... 8:22 average

Thu- 7.5m @ WPx2 with a little more, good even pacing in the sloppy melting snow 56:14 time for 7:30/m

Fri- 4m @ the burbs... Just around the neighborhood but got caught in a nasty streak of sideways sleet and was frozen by the time I got home. 30:45 for 7:41/m average.

Sat- Off day, sick, played some Basketball with the little man on his new hoop!

Sun- 18m @ HCT with Gunner, good solid splits slightly negative with 8:35 out 8:30ish back for 8:32 average; total time 2:33:30. Positive run, felt pretty easy the whole time, which is good. I mean it's flat so it really doesn't have any telling on mountain racing, but the endurance is starting to come around a bit which is nice. I've only really been back to "training" for a month, but I felt like I could nail that same run much faster so that's a good start for Lean Horse at least. Next week I'm hoping to add the long run in the mountains, so probably much slower, but I've still got a lot of time to build before my real season starts in late May early June.

Total miles: 51m (6:54:06) of solid running. My legs feel infinitely better than last week's long run, probably from the dirt instead of pavement. Now with temps expected to near 80* this week we should be set for a nice trip around the trails this weekend!

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