Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Miles 3/8 - 3/14

A positive week for my training, feeling like I'm in a good spot considering I'm only a month out of injury:

Mon - Off (a promised day off after last Saturday's shenanigans)

Tue - 7m @ DU/Harvard Gulch/Wash Park loop. No watch but it was an easy effort, probably near 8:45's and felt like I could let 'em rip but held back. Really noticed the 2 rest days.

Wed - 5m @ Wash Park loop. No watch and a moderate pace, feeling good.

Thu- 5m @ Wash Park loop. Went 3-2-1-2-3 slower to faster to slower, 7:40/m avg with the apex mile at 6:50. Felt good, not a big effort.

Fri- 8m @ Wash Park/Harvard Gulch/DU loop starting in the park after playing with the little man. No watch but guessing 8:00/m ish.

Sat- 5m @ Mt. Falcon

Sun- 14m @ HCT 8:18/avg. A bit longer and faster than intended but I felt really good, slight rain/snow mix with a subtle wind but the cooler temps were perfect running weather. My Go-Lite Ether wind jacket was a perfect choice along with my Go-Lite visor and Pearl Izumi shorts and REI tech long underwear. Never was cold or hot, just right! One of my goals this year was to run more even splits and I got a good start today, a few outliers were one 8:30 and one 7:57 mile but otherwise I was right on the button at 8:18. I had originally planned on running 8:30's and 13 miles but I felt to good to quit at the turnaround at 6.5 so I gave myself an extra mile. I'm feeling good now actually with minimal soreness. The only bummer was that I got a gross blister between my big toe and pointer toe on my left foot, weird place to get one, but it was wet out so my feet were damp. I'll be sure to run in some Injinji's for the next few days to see if that helps.

Total Weekly Miles: 44m

Feeling stronger and more fit now, and this is a good start for me considering my layoff. I'll still back off the distance and only take a shot at 50 miles in September at Steamboat. Otherwise, I've decided not to run the Bear Chase Race even though it's in my backyard because I'd WAY rather go back to Steamboat and the two races are just too close together. BUT, I think in my run towards 100 next year, I'm going to perhaps give a run at the 12 hours of Boulder to log at least 100K (I think I can do a minimum of 71 miles, but it's hard to tell when it's further than you've done before, I think I'd take a shot at 78 and try to hold onto the pace as long as I can).

Hope your week was good as well.


leila degrave said...

Nice week - good to see you back in business! I bet you could easily be ready for 50 at North Fork if you wanted to...Will have to catch up with you for a run soon.

trudginalong said...

Thanks Leila, I think I'd be ready to finish, and maybe even finish strong, but right now I really really want to get back at Steamboat for kicking my butt! I honestly think I can get under 9 hours so I'm going to do my best to see that's possible, and I think by learning how to "race" at 50K (a goal for me) I can learn how to race 50M. I'll shoot you an email about this weekend. How was Waterton Cyn?

leila degrave said...

Waterton was dry and lovely - not muddy at all. Got 6 inches of fresh snow up here last night but melting FAST...

trudginalong said...

Thank GOD! I need me some real DRY trail! Mt Falcon was almost all good except for Devil's Thumb (too much tree cover).