Saturday, March 13, 2010

An "easy" run

So I promised myself an easy run today, but I also wanted to get into the Mountains, and I needed to be back home early so I could hang out with the little man. So I decided to run at Mt. Falcon (Green seemed just not right this morning) because I knew the open exposed ridges would be free of snow. The only difficult thing about doing an easy run at Mt. Falcon is that there is so much vertical. About 2500' gain over the five miles I'd run, so I did what I'd been meaning to do and brought out my camera to take some breaks! Camera fartleking I'd say. Was able to keep it slow, well the trail did that too... about 10 minute miles... Here's some of the photos!

A brief intermission to see a man about a horse...
Gotta go down to go up!
Frozen Mud
Westerly View
Going up!
Looking Southwest
Now I'm off to spend some time with these two!

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