Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A better look at goals for 2010

My initial posting was sort of an afterthought,"I think my two main goals are to focus on speed/turnover, and hitting consistent splits."

Now that I have a better idea of how the year will pan out I'll better address some goals I have.

1) Speed/Turnover

Specifically I want to improve in two areas. Short speed and long speed. I want to go under 19 minutes (at least, preferably somewhere closer to 18 mins) in the 5K. To do this I'll be adding a real speed session to my Tuesday running slot, starting today. I'll be able to get some better pointers and advise once the Runner's Roost Race Team track workouts (Tuesday's at South High) gets rolling. Secondly, I want to go under 4:30:00 in the 50K and I think if I am diligent I can run under 4:15:00. To get here I'm going to do some long tempo runs slightly faster than marathon pace, these will be in the 13-20 mile range.

2) Consistent Splits

This is more of an overarching goal that I'm getting better at. Ryan Hall is quoted saying, "run the mile you're in." That's what I intend to do by having a plan for every run and developing more consistent mile splits. I've done a better job of this already this year. Obviously this won't be a major sticking point when on trail due to elevation gains and technicality, but I do run a majority of my runs on fairly even terrain.

3) Strength

I have a number of plans for this, but it includes hitting the weight room (something I've been reluctant to do thusfar) with a modified plan from what Duncan Callahan has been up to. Also, I'm hoping to add some peak bagging of Mt. Falcon a bit later on once the ascent clears up a bit. This would be from the Morrison lot to the West lot and is a solid 2000'+ of gain, but I need to find a good time to fit this in, and it might be a Thursday night adventure after the park is technically "closed"...

Race Wise, I have some goals as well.

4/25 Cherry Creek Sneak 5K-----------------PR, hopefully go under 19:00

5/29 Sageburner 25K -------------------------Run around 2:05ish (not really sure yet) Win age group

6/19 Big Horn 50K ----------------------------Run under 4:45:00 (hard to say on a new course, technical downhill is good for me though)

7/17 North Fork 50K --------------------------Run under 4:45:00 (again hard to say, but I'll have the opportunity to get out on the course prior)

8/14 G-Town to Idaho Springs Half ----------Finish strong (my first half marry)

8/28 Lean Horse 50K --------------------------Go well under the soft course record, under 4:30:00 and really try to get under 4:15:00, and win (soft field 2nd year event with a fast course)

9/18 Steamboat 50 -----------------------------Take a minimum hour off my time from '09 Hopefully go under 9:00:00

*10/16 12 Hours of Boulder---------------------Still not sure on this, but 71 miles sounds right 78 would be a stretch goal

I'm also going to try to take in as much knowledge as I can from other runners. There is a lot I don't know and I'm hoping to just continue learning as I go. Last year was really insightful and I'm starving for more...

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