Monday, April 27, 2009

Week ending 4/26

This was a decent week overall. Total weekly milage was 35 miles as I took it easy after another decent set of building weeks.
Mon: 4 mi easy
Tue: 5 mi tempo @6:55
Wed: 4 mi easy
Thu: 14 mi trail run 5 mi with a baby stoller! +5450'
Fri: Hot bubble bath, that's right... not afraid to admit it
Sat: 8 mi trail run +3500'
Sun: Off

Thurdsday's trail run was a mix morning evening, though unintended. I had made plans to be out the entire time in the morning but I had some serious GI issues about halfway through mile 5 and decided that I'd best just return to the car. That was O'fallon park via Lair O'er the Bear and after the 42" of snow Evergreen got I had to jump about 75 fallen trees that had snapped right at the base. It was really impressive and I've never quite seen anything like it.
The afternoon saw me take Xavier out for another trail run and we hit up Matthew Winters trail, which I think would be a bad idea in hindsight. I had never run the trail before and there were tons of rocks and areas where the trail was super technical. All in all I never got passed, not even by the plethera of mountain bikers out, and I managed to pass one lady on an uphill who seemed a bit surprised to be getting passed, let alone by someone on foot pushing a jogging stroller. Gotta love those moments.

Saturday, Gunderson and I made the trek down to Deer Creek Park for the first time and I'm going back hands down, no questions asked one of the absolute best trails on the frontrange. There was a great climb into the clouds and the light drizzle actually felt really good. It was a bit chilly but overall there was no problem as I took a light jacket. While on the run I tried out the new "just plain" GU gel and GU2O, LOVED it. The GU2O is not sticky, it's got about 1/8th of the sugar that traditional Gatorade has and all the electrolytes. I think the no taste aspect of the just plain GU will be great after long runs on the trail and races where I don't feel like eating.

In all, it was a great week, I'm looking forward to the coming weeks' runs. The goal milage for next week: 50-55.

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