Friday, April 17, 2009

Blastin' through the hills!

So I took my long run today up at Mt. Falcon starting from the Morrison Parking lot. I'd never run that way and the hill was a biggun. There was about 2500' of climbing the first 2.5 miles. I did two loops including Devil's elbow twice, and it totalled out to 16.5 miles. The weather was iffy, but I didn't care, anytime I have a shot at the mountains I'll take it. It hailed for half an hour on the ascent, but then it turned into a drizzling haze as I was in clouds for the entirety of my run above 6500' which was 90% of the run. It was beautiful and the trail hadn't yet taken on too much water making it cushy and not slippery yet. I had several encounters with deer and rabbits, though a few times I was sure other animals were nearby, mostly when I was out on Devil's elbow. Can't wait to do this one again, I'm sore but it was REALLY fun!

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