Thursday, April 9, 2009

As Darkness Falls

Tonight, I ran in the dark. Started about 9:38 PM and ran O'fallon Park. I was planning on doing 2 loops which would've been 12 miles, but as I ran I discovered that my lighting techniques were less than stellar. There was a thick fog rolling into the valley via Evergreen and a few miles in my LED lights started to compound my sight problems. The uphill sections were actually rather easy, even the technical spot on the second ascent, but the way down was a bit sketchy. A few times I ran into trees, and about 3 times I came dangerously close to really spraining my ankle. As I climbed the final slow climb back to my car, I made an executive decision to call it quits for the night and live to run another day. Overall, I felt really strong, my legs have really gained a significant amount of strength and the core work I've done has really begun to help with my form when climbing. For now, I'll hold off on running trails at night by myself, as I don't think that any of my scheduled races will require any night navigation. In any case my friends, I'll be back to write about my next run...

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