Friday, April 10, 2009

Platte River South

After last night's run, I decided to put in some real miles as I was supposed to do my long run yesterday. Without the ability to get away from the house for a long period of time, I decided to check out a new section of the Platte River Trail that I'd never run before. As it turns out, the Platte River South is actually a great deal better than the North side. I found myself ease into an 8:30 pace which for me is moderately quick. The weather was great, 60 degrees with little wind, and there were plenty of bikers out enjoying the good Friday sun. As I went out, I tried some new margarita shot bloks and let me tell you, they are as advertised, lots of salt! I got them because they advertise 3x the sodium and I think they'll work great in place of using a salt cap during long runs. Tehe only bad thing about it was that I ended up going through my water quicker than I had expected. Low and behold, I ended up running along the side of a golf course and was able to refill my water bottle from a standing canteen just off hole 11. About 7.6 miles out I turned around and started heading home. When I started back I felt good so I decided to negative split back home and I held strong aroung 8:10 on the way back finishing at 2:05 for 15 miles. Only after I hit "stop" did I realize that Haile would've just finished running 26.2, what it must be like...

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