Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Saturday evening GZ put up the bat signal so I heeded the call to Chautauqua at 6:30 Sunday morning.

Johnny T. joined us and we casually strolled out of the lot at a leisurely pace. Given that I hadn't taken a step since Leadville, I was encouraged with the feel but not surprised that they were still heavy. We headed up the backside of Green, I was thankful to avoid the frontside, and we started huffing and puffing our way up on a beautiful morning (45*F at the lot).

Somewhere around halfway or so my legs just couldn't keep the running motion and I went full on power hike. I was able to stay in contact for a while, but lost contact before the 4way where GZ kindly waited to ensure I didn't go for an unnecessary jaunt down Bear Canyon. Up the ridiculous steps to the summit and I let out a sarcastic, "suck it Tony, that's 2" as it was a second ascent of the year in 3 tries. As if on cue, Tony came hopping up the trail about a minute later and we all chatted on the summit for a while. Johnny T had to bail for work, but GZ, Tony, and I probably spent 10 minutes soaking in the views and catching up.

GZ and I then took the middle route down which was excellent trail, seemingly much flatter than what we had run up and talked family, youth sports and the like on the way back to the car. In all, a perfect morning out. It was nice to finally spend a bit of time on the trail with the mileage master himself and see the messiah on the summit. This time of year is the best, races done, and the only thing to dictate where, when, how far, and how hard you run is simply desire. I want to run up that. There are no easy days, hard days, or "workouts", just running. It's nice like that.


GZ said...

Mileage master, eh? Compared to many of my "roadie" friends - not so much. I know a LOT of guys who have tagged 5000 plus miles a year for a few years.

Awesome getting out with you.

Brandon Fuller said...

Didn't you know that if you take his name in vein he will appear?