Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Offseason/Allegiances

Somewhere during the year of 2004 I began following football, well, Clark's brand of football. Having come from a typical American background I'd had no interest in the sport prior and indulged in America's major sports (baseball and football). When I moved to Colorado my roommate (Gunner) played soccer for the school and I began to gradually learn the game and its nuances. By my sophomore year I was skipping out on midweek classes to watch the team I'd grown close to play Champions League matches on ESPN.

I got in over my head as the season continued, I was more and more enticed by Liverpool's captain, Steven Gerrard. He played incredible football, and scored phenomenal goals, a la this one:

The team in 2005 was scrappy, and relied on a revolving cast of role players and creativity. League success was minimal, but we made the Champions League final where I became a Red for life:

In 2006, I found myself sitting in fado irish pub and throwing crap across the bar at the West Ham supporters after this game:

Then, in 2007 I made pilgrimage to Liverpool to watch the final league match of the season. It was incredible old grounds with everything you hope for. Dingy stairwells, cheep beer, and phenomenal seats.

Now, I get to take my son to bars at 8am on Saturdays to watch my boys play. With the running season in regression. My sports viewing will begin to begin to take its place with equal vigor.


Hall said...

This season is shaping up to be a great one. So many great signings and a real chance to have a run at some silverware.

Recipe of the Month! said...

not to mention you would come on the occasional saturday to scope out your future wife kicking major insisted you were there "bc you liked the game" ;)