Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Quick update about the status of the Garcia household.

All is good on our little patch of grass. As it turns out, Oliver broke his humorous on delivery (left side, basically the bone between your shoulder and elbow). We saw a pediatric orthopedic doctor yesterday and he assured us that it looks good and will heal extremely fast (3 weeks). We've got his arm immobilized by using an ace bandage to keep his hand on his chest (similar to the position a sling puts your arm). Otherwise you'd never know he's got a broken arm. When it's still (99% of the time) he's just a normal baby, no crying unless he's crapped himself or needs food. He fusses when we have to change his shirt but that's to be expected.

Sleep wise we're doing well (knock on wood). He's been cruising off to sleep for 3 hours at a time so we're relatively rested. I'm extremely thankful for that, and I've even got a few runs in. I might try to see if Xavier wants to go check out the Bear Chase Race on Sunday. Speaking of Xavier, I'm taking him on Thursday to go do something fun. Had thought of hiking, so I might check the weather to see if that's a good idea still. If not that, I might take him down to Manitou for the penny arcade and pizza.

Thanks for all the well wishes in the last post, always great to hear from y'all. Nick, Rachel loves the idea of hanging out with Dana and the Clark contingent of germ spreaders during the Chubster so we'll see you there. In other news, I will likely head up to Boulder sometime around Halloween, and take part in a small chunk of legally questionable hi-jinks. Won't be ready for the full deal, probably a heavy half.


brownie said...

Remember, you said you were going to beat me at Cheyenne Canon while pushing a double baby stroller.

GZ said...

Methinks them jinks will be going around Oct 29.

PatrickGarcia said...

JT- that will still happen.