Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beer Sponsor?

Companies can do a lot with grassroots marketing and here is my new idea:

A local beer maker promotes their beer by making me an ambassador. I promise to bring some of the beer to all of my races and share with friends and strangers. Ultrarunners are a great avenue to market at due to the level of beer consumption. I think it's a primary ingredient in all successful racing plans. I'm sure that we can conjure up some scientific studies proving the recovery benefits and social "coolness" factor. I'll even wear a hat.

You get a cheap marketing avenue, and I get a case or two of free beer every month.

Front range brewers, make it happen.


Rob Timko said...

My buddy is an amateur triathlete, and a Thai guy...and is sponsored by Singha beer. It's his only sponsor and they treat him pretty well!

There is also a microbrewery on the east coast that sponsors many of the trail/ultra races in New Jersey.

SO, there you have it brewers, this guy knows what he's talking about...give him some beer and a hat!

PatrickGarcia said...

YES! Plus, I'm awesome at drinking beer.

mtnrunner2 said...

Wow, you got skills, man.

I bet Ska Brewing would be up for that. But, they might invite you to Durango every once in a while... not sure if you're up for that ;)