Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Phase one complete

Picked up a swap part saddle from the LBS parts bin (nice Bontrager evoke) for $20. Now my butt will be happy. I threw the new saddle on the CX bike to give it a go and this morning I thew my WTB Silverado saddle on the Rockhopper (so much better). The next phases are as follows:

Pedals- SPD/Less than $30

as is the bike is in commuter shape so pedals would allow me to use my Sidi's (which were purchased for $7.95 at DAV thrift store in Lakewood).

Wheels- Here's a tough one, I'll need a 29'er front wheel and a 26'er rear both NON DISC. Surprisingly hard to find old school MTB wheels nowadays. Likely will use my dividend from REI in march to pick up mismatched pair as they are the only place that seems to carry what I need (single wheels) in my price range.

Fork- Rigid, 29'er and Canti compatable

Tires- again, one 29'er and one 26'er, preferably 1.95's and fast (Small block's perhaps)

Now onto the stuff I have no idea about:

Headset- likely also need access to a press?

Stem- at least 100mm, likely need 110 or 120 due to having the smaller frame.

Spacers- including a front brake cable hanger like this one.

Handlebars- high rise, like this. Again, to accommodate my smaller frame.

The last step would be to turn it into a Single Speed, but that's simply to fulfill the desire to have a LOW maintenance bike. The gears currently on are great 18sp and in good condition.


Jon said...

Front end thoughts. Doesn't need to be canti. You can get a single Avid BB5, or 7, for cheap. Opens you up to way more 29er wheels. Finding a 29er canti wheel could be tough. Plus 70% of your braking will be done with a disc. Can still have matching set of levers as well. Might make finding a fork easier as well.
Stem, if you go 31.8mm on the bar, I have some stems you can try out in diff lengths to find what you need. If I have it, it's yours. If not you'll know exactly what you are looking for.
69er, you'll want to carry two tubes off road. Just sayin'.

James said...

Jon's right on the disc. Could probably pick up a front disc wheel on CL if you're attentive.
I've got the SPD pedals for you in the parts bin. Might have some miles on them but they are yours. I might have a riser bar too, I need to check. That wouldn't be a 31.8 though.
I have some older 26" tires that I took off of the icebike. Yours if you want. Pretty meaty, not small block at all.

Lucho said...

Is that a 1" head tube? That will limit you on the disc fork selection if it is.
You can quite easily (and safely) install the headset with a 2X4 and a hammer. Go slow and tap it in place slowly. I've done it maybe 20 times and have never dinged a headset or frame. The fork race is trickier.