Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in the Game

This was a good week of training and I do feel a bit fried from the effort. Sort of a good fried though, sore, not hurt.

Tuesday was a good reflection of some of the tempo work I've done, knocking out fourteen miles negative split with a really hard last mile effort.

Took Wednesday nice and easy with Rachel and X at the park, and Thursday was a moderate 10 without much effort.

I was able watch my wife race on Saturday morning, which was great and for a good cause. The E-Race Homelessness 5K and 10-K was put on by some top class people and turned out some quick times, I think the top 2 males broke 16:30 and there were at least a few 10K'ers that broke 36 minutes. Better than I (WAY better).

Sunday was a day for me to get in a long run, and Gunner and I headed over to Golden to run up the saddle, but about a mile in we were hunkered down by lightning and thunder which brought out some impromptu speedwork and a 6:50 mile back to the car where we booked it out of there.

I was really bummed because I had been looking forward to that run all week, and I'd already run twice on the Highline. But any run with Gunner is a good one and we were chatting and laughing for a good portion of it. All in all it was 49 miles for me, most at a decent pace, and though I had intended to break 55 miles, I feel that the effort I did put out was more than worthy... Wyoming this week, here I come!

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