Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Moment of Brilliant Light

Last night Gunner and I cruised out for an evening run at Green Mountain just out of Lakewood, CO. The air was cool from the late afternoon rain we had just recieved but warm enough for shorts and a tee. I decided to break out the Saucony Grid A2 racing flats that I've been using for roads and give them a run at some rocky trail. I've been contemplating going straight to a low volume shoe for trail running and wanted to get a feel for what it might be like. Starting up Box o' Rox trail I took the front spot because Gunner had yet to run here and settled into a good climbing pace, we'd run uphill for about 1-2 miles to start the run and my legs were finally feeling recovered from last Sunday's mauling. Up and up we went through the cool frontrange air until we crested near the top of Green Mountain.

We stopped to take in the view and watch the city lights. It was clear and you could see from Parker to Boulder; we chatted about the perfect breeze, the lights, and the potential for good wiping material as I had forgotten TP. In the end we decided it would be best to just hold it as there was nil in the way of large leaves. Back on the trail we picked up the pace, and though I didn't have a watch I'd put it quickly somewhere around 8 minute miles. Both of us were feeling good and we talked conversationally while the sun set over the Rockies. Getting on Green Mountain Trail we coasted down, took a right and flipped on the headlamps. We'd have rolling singletrack all the way back to the car and we confided in the hollow pattering of footsteps. Miles passed quickly and we were back at the car before we knew it; I felt as if I could run forever. It was a short run, but one of my favorites in recent memory (7 miles, in about 1 hour).

Here was my last week of training, a small reverse taper:

Monday: 2 miles - Stiff, sore.
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 5 miles - Wash Park Loop, heavy legs
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 5 miles - Wash Park Loop, quicker but still heavy legs +2 hours cycling
Saturday: OFF - Crankworx Colorado!
Sunday: 7 miles - Harvard Gulch Park and Wash Park Loop - winded/slow, heavy legs

Total: 19 miles

I'll be back into a normal training week this week.

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