Thursday, August 6, 2009

Looking Back

A funny thing happened today as I was flipping back through Photos of the Sageburner 50K. I saw this photo, it's just after you hop off the 100 meters of road during the race and climb back up into the sage.

This was why I initially recognized Harsha during Silver Rush, I had run behind him for a while during the race and he wears Addidas road shoes, the kind with bright colors on the sole, so that's what I remembered first.

My buddy Kyle snapped this shot, and by chance captured an oddity. How small this ultra world is!

On a side note, I did speedwork for the first time in months yesterday and I'm feeling good. I think I'll be ready for Steamboat; I'm taking care to review what worked and did not work for me at Silver Rush and I'll be much better prepared this time.


Harsha said...

Great Photo Patrick. Thanks for sharing. I remember now where you passed me :) I couldn't catch you after that. You were on fire. :)

trudginalong said...

Ha! Well you got me back pretty good at SR! I just got signed up for the CRUD group, so hopefully I'll be able to make it down for a long run sometime. I've always wanted to get down there for a run, and could certainly benefit from running with faster people :)