Monday, August 24, 2009

Life's other Adventures

Sometimes life changes things up. Such was the case this week. I had known going into the week that I was not going to be able to run Saturday and Sunday due to one of my really good friend's bachelor party in Ft. Collins Saturday night. Intending to take Monday off I errantly missed Tuesday's run for some good catching up that needed to be done with my aforementioned friend over a Guinness.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday brought out medium runs with decent pace minus Friday where I felt horrible, pukey (not sure if that's a word), and slow.

Wednesday I ran twice, once with the Runner's Roost and then again by myself at the park. Thursday was 4 loops at Wash Park where I almost lost my mind but ran faster to get the "looping" done with and felt good about my fitness. Friday had an OK run at work on the treadmill next to a big boss lady who is really cool.

Saturday I allegedly did some running after last call. I will neither confirm nor deny any actions. :)

Total running: Measly 33 miles.

Big week coming.

Also side note, bruised the bottom of my left foot pretty bad. Sat and Sun helped, will take today to finish icing/rest and hit it back tomorrow.

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James said...

Uhh, I will confirm post-last-call running activities, as some of us ran as a result of your running.