Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Not-So-Bloody Sunday

[Photo is of Black Canyon in Gunnison, CO]

Today was a truly wonderful day to run. We had warm weather, but not hot, with a nice cool breeze to help you along. I joined my friend Hillary for her long run (20 mi) on the first and last 10 miles of the Boulder Backroads Marathon course. Now, typically I'm not one for running on roads, but most of the BBM course is run on dirt roads, so if you're gonna do it, do it that way. She wanted to go for a slower steady run as she's getting into final preparations for race day at BBM in a little over a month. We ran 9:18's pretty much to the T the entire way, and it was filled with beautiful scenery and some surprising rolling hills. Certainly the hills were not tough, and I didn't feel taxed on any of them, but it would be hard to go out and run "fast" on that course comparatively to others I've looked at. I felt fresh the whole way, actually only feeling "good" after about 16 miles and our run finished right at 3:03:00. I think I'm mostly recovered from Silver Rush, only a few signs of sluggishness to remind me it's only been 2 weeks since I first ran 50 miles without stopping.

I'm excited now for Steamboat, and I'm going to start ramping up my preperations with some kick ass climing starting next Saturday. Anybody feel like knocking out 20 miles with 7,000' of gain next weekend? I'll be slowly making my way up Mt. Falcon 2 times with a variation of trails interconnected.

For now, my week in full:
Monday: 7 mi @ Green Mountain
Tuesday: 0 mi ~ 1 hr Bike
Wednesday: 7 mi tempo (almost pooped my pants, don't do speed work after dinner)
Wednesday: 1 hr Bike
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 10 mi @ Cheeseman park, including BBQ/Beers(2)/Jurassic Park movie in the Park
Saturday: 0 mi ~ 2 hrs Soccer/1 hr Bike
Sunday: 20 mi @ Boulder Res

Total: 44 mi + 3 hrs Bike

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