Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Admittedly, this was (again) not a great week of running for me, but I had planned on it being poor all along. I've sort of fallen into a fall relapse from hard running, and for the first time it's on purpose. I have no great plans to run an impressive time at the Steamboat 50; I would just like to come back home in one piece under 11 hours. My goal is to go moderately hard up the initial ascent and see what happens from there, hopefully holding on to a 10 ish mile pace for as long as possible and then, who knows. I could see myself matching my 9:14 from Leadville, and I could see myself pushing 11. My training has been lax, but fun, sort of what I've meant it to become this time of year.

I was in Wyoming for the majority of the week and prior to that I had my inlaws in town, so my running was very minimal, and when I looked back at my week, it was 25 miles total with a longest run of 10 miles. I've started though, to shift my focus from numbers, as I've found that it just adds pressure to my routine that is not needed. As a 24 year old husband and father of a 16 month old child, I've got enough pressure to deal with.

I guess I can take this time to explain also why I've planned to let my training slip into a less intense state. The reason is that I've all but signed up for the Rocky Raccon 100 in February. This along with some other non-decided races, will be a hopefully strong attempt to get my butt in gear for either Western States or Leadville. The 100 mile mark is something that I've been getting more and more excited about, to find out what it's like for the next 50, what it'll take to drag my butt across the line and hopefully get a sweet buckle. I've continued to wonder what I could have done post race at Silver Rush, I was more composed and felt better then than I did finishing any of the 50K's I've done.

With that said and a long winter seemingly on the way, I'm excited, for this upcoming race, and for the not so far out future.

Cheers all,


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