Friday, September 11, 2009

Stars and Cars

Quick update here. Two things I'm excited about:

Number 1. Gunner and I went out for a night run on Wednesday which was pretty great, the run was nice and easy with a decent effort on the uphills. But the kicker was the observation point on the about 1 mile west of where Lair o' the Bear Park runs into O'Fallon. We stopped and watched the stars, chatting on life mostly, and it was really cool. Looking out at virgin Rocky Mountain forest with absolutely nothing but starlight was pretty damn cool. This will become a more normal occurrence after a very short discussion on the matter.

Number 2. I've booked a slot for Gunner and I at the first ever Pure Zion trail running adventure this November in Springdale, Utah. I am SO stoked for this, it sounds like the perfect weekend running vacation. Check it out at:

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