Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Falcon v1.0

Got out last night for a run with Todd G, Woody, and Jaime on Mt. Falcon to do the mexi-special in the first real snow of the year. It was a relatively late start and introductions were made quickly, including my procuring the Gubna I owed Todd from the Steamboat prediction contest.

We got going into a nice steady pace, nothing spectacular, and it began to warm a bit with the effort. All of us just kind of settled in without much chatter and made the shelter in 34:xx before the pace cooled off a bit and we just really cruised through the overlooks, around parmalee, and over the summit before heading to devil's elbow.

There were a few sections where the snow was alive and well and I got the first feels of the pillowy white stuff, good times. We continued to cruise, Todd and I chatting and we hit the base of the hill around 2:30:00 for a decent round trip time in the cold and dark. Depending on how it shakes up, Todd may have convinced me that Wasatch is the way to go.

He definitely convinced me to enjoy a Gubna in the parking lot, which took all of .0000125 seconds to convince me. A great night for a run, a better night for a beer.


Jaime said...

I second the great night for a run and beer.

Woody said...

Awesome night! Thanks for putting the call out. Looks like I'm going to have to crank up my effort to make Pb-ville the most attractive option for you.

FastED said...

You wanna know what caught my eye on this post?? Falconv1.0, Jaime, Gubna, mexi-special, Gubna, and some more Gubna. And then "Woody" caught my eye but only because it was right next to Gubna....

Can't wait for the prediction contest