Monday, November 15, 2010

Double Days

Saturday was a double day, sort of like a B2B, just closer together. In the AM I woke up and met Jim and some others at the Rec Center for a jaunt down the highline canal. I hooked off a bit early and made it 17 miles easy, though my legs were really sore from the two trips up Falcon earlier in the week and the general fatigue of the high mileage I've put in. After the run I went home to quickly shower and grab Xavier to head down to the pub for the Liverpool match. The good things about that were that Graham was there (Ex-pat Liverpudlian) with his daughter and a portable DVD player so Xavier and his daughter Ashlynn watched cartoons while Graham and I pulled our hair out drinking Guinness and watching another shitty showing from our boys in red (actually black that day). Frustrating.

After getting over that and heading home, Xavier and I took a long nap. It was excellent, probably 2 hours. Then we got all dallied up and headed down to Woody's for dinner and a run. Dinner was great and the Gordon excellent! Xavier was a man on fire and really had fun terrorizing Woody's house. Soon enough it was time for the running and I was TIRED, I rode Woody's coat tails all the way around the HR trail system in the freezing wind and was glad he was OK turning home for 26 miles. A few times out there my bottles froze up completely and I had to work to get them unfrozen to drink. Hopefully Hellgate doesn't get that cold, but if it does, I guess I'll be ready.

On the week it was an even 100 miles, and another similar week is on the docket with a 40 mile run on Friday. I'm excited to have the heavy lifting in the bank here pretty soon and I'm ready to sharpen up for December 11th. Still have some thinking to do on the prediction contest...

In other news, I think I've come to the decision to not race 100 miles next year. Too much stuff happening here to be able to devote the time needed to train for the event and I don't want to just show up. I think I could do it now, but I don't want to just do it, I want to be ready. Besides, I think 100K should be enough for me for a while. I may not even race much next year. Looking through the events I'm interested in I see a marathon, a few 50K's, a few 50 milers, and a few 100k's that might fit. Right now I think one of each, and maybe another 100K at the end of the year. But we'll see.

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Woody said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2011 has in store for you. I'm guessing Hellgate will shape that somehow.