Sunday, February 28, 2010


This week in running for me:

Mon- 5m @Wash Park with a few 1200's at 6:50, felt OK 8:06 avg

Tue- 5m @work on TM progressive miles avg 8:00/M +10 minutes stair master

Wed- 7m @home DU/Harvard Gulch/Wash Park loop, mile warm and cool 5@ 7:45

Thu- Off

Fri- 5m @work outside on the rolling roads of Centennial, -split run 2.5m @ 7:45/m then 6:45, 7:29, 6:45 1/2m in... sort of a fartlek

Sat- 9m @Bear Creek Lake, soupy and swampy tough run w/Gunner. 1:30 time but it felt so hard, like running with bricks on my feet, most trail was either 2" of slush or 2" of mud.

Sun- 10m @Highline Canal Trail, better conditions but still soft muddy and slushy, good tempo run @8:25/m

Total Weekly Miles: 41m

Finally feel like I'm training again, but I'm really tired tonight. I'm still way out of shape, but I guess that's still to be expected. I might spend some time in the Gym this week, but don't hold me to it. I'm back in MBA classes this week... blah. I'm ready for this snow to be gone... It'd be nice to run on dirt...

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Week in full, suffice it to say that weekday/Sunday miles were roads/Wash Park miles in the snow.

M- 5m
Tue- 5m
Wed- 6m
Th- 5m
F- 5m
Sat- 6m Snowy ascent of Evergreen Mtn with Gunner
Sun- 5m

Total: 37m

First week of decent miles back and knee feels good. Saturday was the first real test on snowy trails and the climb was tough, relentless slipping and sliding. I'll continue to push out the buildup, hopefully it'll come around, I still feel out of shape...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slow and Steady

Still on track for proper recovery, logging daily miles around 5 or so in the 8-8:30 range. Nothing special, just getting the muscles used to the effort again. I've noticed decreased stiffness/soreness and a bit more spring the last few days but nowhere near where I was. I'm hopefull that I'll be back to decent fitness by the end of March. I've knocked a few miles off at 7ish pace without too much effort which is nice as I'll be working on speed/tempo a lot this year.

I think my two main goals are to focus on speed/turnover, and hitting consistent splits. All the races I've done to this point are incredibly erratic when it comes to splits, so I think if I can nail that down I can shave off a lot of time. I'm hopefull that this will pay divedends later in the year at Steamboat, a race that will have a shadow cast after the tragic loss of Jenna Gruben, a crucial volunteer and 2 time defending women's champ as well as just the nicest person.

After Steamboat, I've learned that this year is a new ultra at Bear Creek Lake Park, sort of a default training ground for me as it is so close to home. I'd have options of 50K and 50M, both of which are fast fast fast, with packed singletrack and minimal gain. (see right for link). From there I don't know, I'd like to continue to build through the year, who knows.

Supposed to find out about Runner's Roost Race Team stuff soon, still stoked about that...

First real test of the legs this Saturday at Evergreen Mountain, i'll write a note a bit after...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodies and Good News

This week has brought some good things, not surprising since I've been back to running consistently without pain. I really cherish the ability to get out in the sunshine and pound out some miles. Took Thursday off but otherwise have been running daily around 4-5 miles, and will continue the slow build up to fitness.

I've found that the stiffness and sore that comes from being out of shape and subsequently attempting to regain fitness is actually sort of fun. I like the soreness as I realize it's a reminder that I'm doing what I love.

On the other good news spectrum, I found out that I've been accepted to the Runner's Roost Race Team for 2010. While of course not a major endorsement, it's another small accomplishment that I'm happy for. What this means for me is a chance to race locally (albeit on the road) for free and a small assortment of free stuff. I'm also relishing the opportunity to gain some actual running knowledge. Pretty much all I've learned is from reading and trial and error, which is a decent system, but it will be fun for me to have some coaching as well.

As a team sports guy growing up (baseball through the collegiate level)I love teams. I guess it's just in my heart, but I love having other mates out there to compete with and have them to push me further and faster. I'm not sure if there are any other trail runners let alone any other ultra guys on the team, but they know my goals for the year are specifically dialed to trails and ultras. I think the road events will really help though, in a similar way to how cyclists gain knowledge and fitness by traversing from road to trail.

That's all for now, get out and enjoy the weather today, it's gorgeous! Xavier and I were at the park for a few hours this morning, and now that my run is out of the way, we'll head back out to the park once the little man wakes up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Returning Home

Back home in Denver! Love it coming into town... "this is the captain speaking, local time is 9:15 and temperature is coming in at 1*..." I never knew how nice those winters in California were!

Nice to be back home and see the lovely folks at Runner's Roost Lakewood, had to pick up some new shoes since I've gotten back into the swing of things. Got me some Nike Lunar Elites and went for a nice quick run with them. Still feeling good, no pain in the knee, just way out of shape! At least I know it will suck for a while but can only get better after the first few weeks...

I'm not sure yet what Sageburner will hold, I probably won't be ready for the 50K, but perhaps I can sneak up for the 25K and then land myself in the 50K at Big Horn, still stoked about that!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Good news with the MRI results, no tear, no major damage. And since I got the injection my knee has been much better.

Went for a short run today and felt good, no pain. I'll take it slow again, I really hope that I'm finally on the back end of this thing and I can start working towards the future. I'm still not sure I'll be ready for Sageburner but I'm going to try.

Perhaps a run or two more before we leave and come home to Denver, it was perfect out here today...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MRI Done, waiting on the results

Had my MRI tonight by the awesome staff at Porter Hospital. Felt like I was coming out of the pediatrician when I left cuz I got an awesome chocolate macedamia (sp?) cookie and some candies on the way out.

I'll have to wait until at least tomorrow to have my doc look at the results, but all there is now is some waiting... Off to California tomorrow night, Xavier has some quality time to spend with the Great and regular Grandparents!