Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Slow and Steady

Still on track for proper recovery, logging daily miles around 5 or so in the 8-8:30 range. Nothing special, just getting the muscles used to the effort again. I've noticed decreased stiffness/soreness and a bit more spring the last few days but nowhere near where I was. I'm hopefull that I'll be back to decent fitness by the end of March. I've knocked a few miles off at 7ish pace without too much effort which is nice as I'll be working on speed/tempo a lot this year.

I think my two main goals are to focus on speed/turnover, and hitting consistent splits. All the races I've done to this point are incredibly erratic when it comes to splits, so I think if I can nail that down I can shave off a lot of time. I'm hopefull that this will pay divedends later in the year at Steamboat, a race that will have a shadow cast after the tragic loss of Jenna Gruben, a crucial volunteer and 2 time defending women's champ as well as just the nicest person.

After Steamboat, I've learned that this year is a new ultra at Bear Creek Lake Park, sort of a default training ground for me as it is so close to home. I'd have options of 50K and 50M, both of which are fast fast fast, with packed singletrack and minimal gain. (see right for link). From there I don't know, I'd like to continue to build through the year, who knows.

Supposed to find out about Runner's Roost Race Team stuff soon, still stoked about that...

First real test of the legs this Saturday at Evergreen Mountain, i'll write a note a bit after...

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