Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Returning Home

Back home in Denver! Love it coming into town... "this is the captain speaking, local time is 9:15 and temperature is coming in at 1*..." I never knew how nice those winters in California were!

Nice to be back home and see the lovely folks at Runner's Roost Lakewood, had to pick up some new shoes since I've gotten back into the swing of things. Got me some Nike Lunar Elites and went for a nice quick run with them. Still feeling good, no pain in the knee, just way out of shape! At least I know it will suck for a while but can only get better after the first few weeks...

I'm not sure yet what Sageburner will hold, I probably won't be ready for the 50K, but perhaps I can sneak up for the 25K and then land myself in the 50K at Big Horn, still stoked about that!


Nick said...

Better to be out of shape than on the sidelines. Hope things continue to progress in the right direction for you. I'll bet if you can stay consistent, you'll be more than ready for 50k come the end of May.

trudginalong said...

Agreed, I'm still hanging onto hope for Sageburner, really love that race. Just don't want to push it and be stuck inside healing when the weather turns nice.