Saturday, February 13, 2010

Goodies and Good News

This week has brought some good things, not surprising since I've been back to running consistently without pain. I really cherish the ability to get out in the sunshine and pound out some miles. Took Thursday off but otherwise have been running daily around 4-5 miles, and will continue the slow build up to fitness.

I've found that the stiffness and sore that comes from being out of shape and subsequently attempting to regain fitness is actually sort of fun. I like the soreness as I realize it's a reminder that I'm doing what I love.

On the other good news spectrum, I found out that I've been accepted to the Runner's Roost Race Team for 2010. While of course not a major endorsement, it's another small accomplishment that I'm happy for. What this means for me is a chance to race locally (albeit on the road) for free and a small assortment of free stuff. I'm also relishing the opportunity to gain some actual running knowledge. Pretty much all I've learned is from reading and trial and error, which is a decent system, but it will be fun for me to have some coaching as well.

As a team sports guy growing up (baseball through the collegiate level)I love teams. I guess it's just in my heart, but I love having other mates out there to compete with and have them to push me further and faster. I'm not sure if there are any other trail runners let alone any other ultra guys on the team, but they know my goals for the year are specifically dialed to trails and ultras. I think the road events will really help though, in a similar way to how cyclists gain knowledge and fitness by traversing from road to trail.

That's all for now, get out and enjoy the weather today, it's gorgeous! Xavier and I were at the park for a few hours this morning, and now that my run is out of the way, we'll head back out to the park once the little man wakes up!


leila degrave said...

Wow - congrats!

trudginalong said...

Thanks Leila, I was actually quite surprised when I found out. I put in an application just because I got an email about it (on the distro list) an filled it in with no real hopes, but I got a reply on Friday saying I'm in! Feeling good about working some speed into my routine... Hope your hip is feeling better :)