Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Frustration

Last week I was heading out for a Sunday run and about 6 miles in I started feeling soreness in my knee again so I decided to shut it down and call it a day of 8 miles instead of 10. It was frustrating because I was feeling that I was gaining strength in that knee and I was going to be able to move forward. Then on Tuesday I went out for a chilly run after work and had some serious pain in that knee again. I decided to walk the last mile of the run and take a few days off. I only ran once in Texas, 5 miles on a pretty fun little trail actually and it felt good, sore but not the same pain I had experienced before. So I'm taking another day off tomorrow and I'll sort of restart the easy running on Tuesday and hopefully I'll be able to continue forward again.

On another note, I'll be looking forward to this weekend because it's the draw for Western States. I'll be stoked if I get in, but if I do It might change any race plans I had drawn up. If I don't get in, it might be a welcome event, as this recent soreness has made me worry a bit on the timeline of my full recovery.

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