Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday Shopping

This year my holiday shopping list revolves around the thing I love doing most with my free time, ultra's of course!

I've decided to list a group of events that I'm mulling over for next year's racing schedule. First things first, December 5th will help shake some things out, that is when I find out if I've survived the numbers to enter Western States. I have about a 16% chance of making it through, so I'm not holding my breath, but if I don't get in I'll be able to run some races that I've really had my eye on.

Gunner and I have talked a lot about the Big Horn 50, which sounds like it just might be his first go at 50 miles. He's got family in Sheridan, WY so it would be simple for us to get in and be comfortable. It's a point to point which I've never had the chance to do but have always wanted to try.

Of course there are the two races I most want to get back to, Sageburner 50K and Run Rabbit Run. Depending on how things shake out, both could be possible.

I'm for sure (barring injury) running the Woodside 50K in Woodside, CA when Rachel, Xavier, and I head out to Salinas for a short vacation. This race I'm excited for for a few reasons, it's in Redwood forest, it's fast, and it's at sea level. The only time I've raced below 7,000 ft was in TX for my first ultra which I was grossly unprepared for. Needless to say I won't be unprepared for this one :)

My goals for this winter are to get consistent, solid training on trails. Secondly, I want to work on running long uphills which we fortunately have plenty of. I'll work on running to the top of Myers Gulch from Lair O' Bear park (6 miles all uphill). Also, I'll run Mt. Falcon from Morrison which is sufficient to kick anyone's ass. Third, I plan on getting down and running with CRUD once a month. This will help me spend some time with big time ultra runners and learn a lot. I think I'm soon going to be ready to make it down for a Saturday long run with them.

As for today, Xavier and I are going to play out in the cold. Happy trails.

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