Thursday, October 15, 2009

Win some lose some

Well, I went to the Orthopedic yesterday and had X-rays taken on my left knee. I've been running once in the last week and it was painful so I shut it down and called the doc. Good move. I've been having IT-band pain and swelling in my knee so much so that it's hurting when I walk around. However, the pain is going away the swelling is a bit down now too, and when the Doc gave the all clear on X-rays I was much relieved. Apparently I've simply severely aggravated my IT-Band and caused swelling in the bursa sac in my left knee. I've been prescribed 3 weeks of total rest (no running) as well as anti-inflammatory meds and stretching.

I'm bummed because it means I'm out of the Denver Marathon (which I've already paid for) and Pure Zion. Two events I was really excited for, but if I'm honest with myself, my real goals won't come until next spring/summer so it's best that it happen now so I can get rest and recover in time to start some proper training.

This Sunday, I'll be putting all my efforts into making the Denver Marathon an enjoyable experience for Gunner. I'm crewing for him so-to-speak and making breakfast. The race starts a mere 200 yards from Gunner's front door so it'll be nice to just wake up and walk over. I'm going to pick up my race stuff anyways (I paid for it!) and now at least I won't feel bad sporting it.

In other news I got a promotion yesterday at work which was a nice little buffer to my injury set back. Gotta love those little boosts, it helps keep you going. I've had a nice afternoon in with Xavier and Gunner, and I'm going out for $1 tacos at Vine St. so no complaints here.

Cheers, Paddy J

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Keith B. Ives said...

$1 Dollar Tacos!!! Never a dissapointment. #FrugalFeast