Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Foam Rollers and Soft Course Records...

Last night I bought two things.

1. New Nike Swoop XC flats for running the Denver Marathon and various other stable, flat, surfaces! Stoked, I've never felt shoes so light.

2. Foam roller.

As I mentioned earlier I've got an IT band issue and I've been rolling my way towards recovery. Did my first set last night and will continue today. I'll run tomorrow night and see how she feels, but I think this rolling business is really gonna help. I'll keep posting on how it feels leading up to and following DM.

Oh, and as it turns out I am the only and therefore fastest 24 year old male to toe the line at Run Rabbit Run! This means I have a course record! Woo Hoo! Although, I'm pretty sure anyone who had half a brain could go out there next year and break it by 2 hours! Proof is here.

Good day today, I got confirmation that Gunner will run an ultra next year... STOKED!

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