Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My bugs have friends

So, as I've posted earlier, I've dealt for a few months with giardia. Monday, I learned that yes, in fact, giardia was definitely there. However, what I had not expected was that those little bastards made friends: Blastocystis Hominis. It's effects are not that different from the Giardia and since I've gone rounds with flagyl (with some success), I'll be heading onto another round of antibiotics which hopefully does the trick for good.

The flagyl has helped for sure, but I'm still not 100% so to speak and I would really like to be as I have just really entered into the meat and potatoes of Leadville prep. Here goes nothing...

Oh, and BigHorn seems like it will for sure be using an alternate course to some extent due to snow pack well beyond what even we have here in the high mountains. Not sure if this affects me on the "weeny" course, but we'll see.

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