Monday, June 27, 2011

Block 1

I have to say, that training for a 100 mile race is perhaps the most mentally perplexing thing I've taken a stab at in terms of my athletic career. Nobody seems to have a set idea, and more so than any other distance, the routes taken vary wildly. Success cannot be guaranteed, and it seems that fitness only gets you through half of the race. I have attempted to mash together some techniques from others, and gone with the idea of basically running as much as I can when I can with a concerted effort to try and reduce the amount of time I spend away from my family. I've done a decent job with that, and here are the last four weeks:

5/30-6/5 - 101mi LR of 26/17 Sat/Sun
Spent the focus of vertical and time on feet, both long days on Mt. Falcon.

6/6-6/12 - 103mi LR of 26 Sat
Tried to keep the volume without going crazy to stay "fresh" for Bighorn. LR was Stone Horse Trail/Bear Creek Lake/Matthews/Winters lollipop.

6/13-6/19 - 100mi LR of 33 Sat
Bighorn race. Was able to run hard downhill, really hard. Struggled with the moderate climbs, luckily there were few. Incredibly sore after the 6500' of downhill.

6/20-6/26 - 101mi LR of 17/14 Sat/Sun
Concerted effort to back off and try and recover while maintaining volume. Took it "easy" this weekend with slow runs. Altitude Sat starting at 6th and Harrison down the boulevard around the road to MQ with Xavier in the stroller (damn tough uphill at 10K), then finished off solo around to Matchless.

Last week was a tough one coming off of the race, perhaps even tougher than racing on heavy legs because I ran myself into the red a good bit more than I had planned at Bighorn. I got it done however, and my plan for those last four weeks was accomplished. I ran a ton, raced without a break, and recovered. I certainly feel the fatigue, but I think it is getting better. I have a big week in store vertically and at altitude as I'll be a bachelor for a week while Rachel and Xavier go on vacation to California. No use sitting around the house by myself, so I'll try to maximize the training as best I can. I'm hatching a plan in my head, but it's pretty broad and I'm leaving lots of grey area. I'm trying to focus on being able to handle the rough patches, the times when I know I'll want to drop. Good stuff in the Roes video, and I think he's right on. Anyone can run hard when they feel good, I need to focus on managing the damage. I won't rehash my ideas for time, but I will run as I feel fit. I will take what the day gives me, but I will also try to put myself in a position to run to my potential. I can only control so much, but I hope to do those things well and adapt.

On to block 2.


Brandon Fuller said...

That 4x100 should pay off. That was my plan anyway. Seems like a good base. The bachelor thing always works well but be sure not to bust something. We are getting closer by the day.

Keith B. Ives said...

I am working on my training for being a Leadville spectator... This weekend I put in 95 miles on the fat tire cruiser (at altitude-Crested Butte)while consuming as much alcohol & as little sleep as possible!

PatrickGarcia said...

B- Good luck this weekend, bust a nut!
Ives- Now that seems like the crew chief I enabled! It's gonna be an epic weekend!

Recipe of the Month! said...

Keith, I bet you only put in about 10 miles on that cruiser but with all the alcohol it seemed like 95. Nice try though ;)