Friday, June 3, 2011

May in review

354 miles makes for a decent month, steady and solid, I've never put up 3 months like the last 3 months and I feel strong. Actually, much better as of this writing as the meds I'm on have been working well. There were some periods of tough sledding, but I hope I can attribute that to the bugs. Got in another race, a pretty good one and felt stong at the finish which was a continued good sign for me. These next two months are the big ones for me, hoping to 95+ mile weeks and more vert/altitude.

Big Horn should be interesting, depending on snow melt, it looks like we may be forced onto an alternate course.

Also, something is messed up with my blogger account and I can only comment on blogs where the comment screen is on a separate page like mine. Any blog where you just type it in and hit submit it won't let me chose my google profile or submit, frustrating. Sorry if this is one of your blogs, I've tried to post comments but I end up frustrated and give up.


GZ said...

Try a different browser (like Chrome or Firefox)?

PatrickGarcia said...

No dice. Phone works though so I'll use it as a work around because I'm lazy.