Monday, May 2, 2011

West Side Stride 5K

I run a 5K every two years or so it seems and this year I was lucky to run my wonderful wife's fundraiser 5K at my alma mater.

The event is a small one and with the weather forecast it appeared that there were a handful of folks who decided not to come out and run, but come race morning the storm cleared a bit and we were treated to sun (although with that came plenty of wind and some nip to the air). I was pleasantly surprised to see Team Gangels out in full force with a crew of little Gangels. Did my pre race warm up of sipping coffee and chatting with friends new and old then walked over to the start line.

Being such a small race, it was reasonable to think I could win, so I decided to take it out hard and see if anyone came with. The course has turns a-plenty and it starts with a short uphill section into the wind. I dragged a young kid with me the first 1/4 mile and he was sitting on me in the wind so I moved over and slowed way down to make him pass and sat on him until the course turned. He was laboring a bit and we had backed off even, so I made a move as the course turns back through campus and put a gap on him. Came around 2.5K in 9 minutes and was surprised (no watch). I let the foot off the gas on the second lap as I had a lead that wasn't going to be covered and cruised through for the win in 18:30 despite some howling headwinds. Full results.

Got $25 to the Runner's Roost for my troubles, but more importantly I ran 8 seconds faster than JT on what I will surely claim is a slower course. Though, I've got some work to do to cover his 5K PR. Not really sure where the wheels came from, but I've taken a down week (67 miles) so I was pretty rested coming in.

26 runners ran the race, but more importantly, they raised a good chunck of cash, which is the goal of course. Wife's plans are to move the race date back into May and hopefully draw out some more folks. Really proud of my girl for putting on a fun low-key event, and I'm continually surprised how much work goes into a race of any size.


brownie said...

I heard Kohl's course was 9 seconds slower than the West Side Stride. But a win is a win, congrats!

Shoulda came, we coulda dueled. I would have hung, but I'm not sure I could outkick you.

I'll try to make it next year. I assume it's dog friendly?

PatrickGarcia said...

Pretty sure I don't have this thing you call a "kick". Dog friendly for sure.

We can set it up as a Ultra 5K deul, but I'm making sure Nick, Ryan, or anyone capable of sub 18 doesn't show up.

brownie said...

Katie can run with the dog. Then, when you start to break away, I can pull a GZ and flip back to run in with those two.

Mama Mary said...

Did Xavier get to run with you in the jogging stroller?

Recipe of the Month! said...

Thanks for all the support babe! We definitely didn't have the turn out we did last year but all things considered (ie the weather) we did pretty well. I loved seeing our kids in the fun run! Mary, Xavier ended up playing soccer with some of our kiddos and opted out of the stroller option. Probably better that way since it was pretty cold!