Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Looking Forward

After two less than stellar weeks and a really tough workout last Saturday, I think I may have turned a bit of a page. I'd been feeling pretty unmotivated and glum about things since Cheyenne Mountain, mostly because I hadn't had a good race and I was really busy with other things in my life. However, this past Sunday helped give me some good perspective on things. We had a nice, low-key mother's day at the nursery buying a rose bush and then lounging on the back porch in the kiddie pool when I realized (again) that these are the things that are truly important.

Whether or not I raced to my potential or had a good workout leave little changed in my place as a father/husband and relishing the time I spend with Rachel and Xavier is the rub. We've been talking a bit about the summer and just bought Xavier his first sleeping bag. After Big Horn, Leadville will be calling and I aim to answer the call. I have lots of fun workouts planned for solo runs, runs with others, and runs with Xavier in the Jog stroller. One of the beautiful things about Leadville is the option for running dirt roads, something that lends itself to the stroller.

Photo: Nick Lee

For the past few weeks I've had the above photo on my work desktop as the background, dreaming about getting there and looking out at the final destination. Roughly 55 miles down and 45 to go. I try to imagine the pain and jubilation of having tackled Hope and then the inevitable lull of the remaining work to be done. Train the mind and the body will follow (hopefully).

More in regards to Leadville, you can meet some of the folks I've started to assemble to hang out while I run. I'm not much for "crewing" and I don't plan to have a lot for them to do to get ready for me, but I intend for them to be a rolling party because when amidst the struggles of running for 100 miles, I'm sure seeing friendly happy faces will be a nice sight. The "crew" has a primary responsibility of consuming tasty adult beverages and pizza, secondary agenda may include a jacket, my headlamp, and some gels. And no, they're not going to Winfield.

The only thing I'm sure of right now is that I'll use a pacer from Fish in. Gunner, my best friend, college roommate, and best man at my wedding will be guiding me over Powerline, around the lake, and up the boulevard (bottom left of the last photo). In what can be the most negative part of the race (powerline false summits) it will pay to have the most positive man in the planet on my side. Possible conversation points: me- this sucks, everything hurts, I just puked, and I can't see the trail it's so dark. gunner- yeah, maybe, but look at the stars man, they're so bright!

The man in charge of the rolling party?

Keith Ives. Former Marine, disaster response expert, humanitarian, mountain enthusiast, and logistics magician. He may need to call on all of those, and perhaps his disaster response expertise will come in handy :)

The remainder of the "crew" will consist of a smattering of the below folks and perhaps a few others.

For now, I'm gearing up for the Forest Park 50K in Portland 2 weeks from this Sunday. I'll be staying and hanging out with some of my favorite peeps ever, the Dettmers (the couple sitting next to Rachel and I above). I'm really excited to see them and their home. I hear Portland has great beer...


trailsnet said...

Keep in mind: "Life isn't a race; it's a journey."
The race is just a good excuse to get out on the trail. The real joy is in the trail itself, the surrounding scenery, and the company of friends/family.
Happy trails!!

leila degrave said...

Nice post pg, especially your thoughts on family and all that good stuff :) You're sure to have good times at Pb, very excited for you!

brownie said...

Met one of your buddies (Jamie) at CP. We made fun of you for a few miles.

Any chance you can get down to the finish of the Colfax Marathon for a few brews?

Keith B. Ives said...

Cannot Wait!

Recipe of the Month! said...

BIG SMILE!!! Xavier and I will try to make it out to Leadville if I'm not too fat! I really want to see you finish.

PatrickGarcia said...

trails- good point!
L- you were pretty damn close to Darcy and the CR for having a "rough" day at CP... I see sub-23 for you at Pb.
JT- deserved I'm sure...
Sgt. Ives- I expect you to be rid of the funk and ready to rock soon when I come down for the incline.
Babe- Perhaps we can arrange for someone to drive you up after I get to mayqueen inbound.

Kieran McCarthy said...

Been following your blog recently. Good stuff. Not sure if you're looking for a pacer/mule between Winfield and Fish Hatchery, but if you want one, I think I might be down. I ran 3:42 in the JV race at CPTR this weekend, so while I'm no superstar, I should be comfy enough taking you/your gear around at a suitable pace between 50 and 77, if you so desire. I paced last year for a guy who broke his foot around 70 (not my fault), so I'm hoping for a better experience this year.

Woody said...

The results of these races won't matter much over time, but the fact that you ran them will remain. Before long, Xavier & #2 will be telling some friends about the running adventures their dad goes on. Their friends' jaws will drop. Your kids will glow with admiration and pride. Then someday you will find yourself standing at a finish line cheering them across. It doesn't get much better (or more important) than that!

GZ said...

Bring back a picture of the "HOMEWORK." That is crazy data. Love it.

Recipe of the Month! said...

GZ, I'll post up a better version when I get back in my office on Monday. Seriously though, it's an AWESOME spreadsheet.