Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking back at Steamboat (in pictures)

Campground fun!
Pre-race cow riding?
Token kid through a hole shot

Oh, and the fun stuff, bit of swerving here...

There's the blank stare, good times!
Xavier cheering on finishers with the Anderson crew.
Proud father (emt to the left and right :)
The Garcia fam!
Woody and I enjoying a seat post race, short shorts and spandex!
Gunner to the line!
Gunner and I

X gettin' in on the noise makers
Gunner and Woody
Los tres amigos ( hoping my wife chooses the IPA )
Right in front of our cabin...
Ran over that...

A perfect end to a wonderful day...

Rocks? Yes please.
The coolest bookstore/coffee shop in town has a reading area for kids under the stair case
Another wonderful set of memories with my wife and son. This trip was especially great because we got to spend so much time with my best friend and great new friends. I hope that Xavier will look back at these little family trips and remember them as fondly as I do. For most of the trip, Xavier threw rocks into the Yampa river which was right next to the cabin. Wonderful. More proof that it's not about the race, it's about everything else.


Your Royal Steiness said...

So cool!!! Wish you were closer :(

Woody said...

Ahhh...good times!

Recipe of the Month! said...

Man, your wife is hot! This is one of my favorite trips we take ;)

Jaime said...

Dang, you some how took a photo of my wife in pic #5. Too funny. Crazy to think that Rabbit Ears Pass was closed for a bit last night due to heaps of snow.