Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hill repeats and Intros

Got out this morning for some hill repeats on Lookout Mountain with Lucho, Scott, Aaron and Mike. What can I say? I'm gonna feel that one tomorrow, in fact, I'll probably get out this evening for a short run to keep the muscles a bit loose. Indeed I had a bit of cramping while driving home, and the big boys really handed it to me, that was tough!

It was a pleasure to meet Lucho and Scott, two of our local super studs. Scott is going out for Mountain Masochist in November, and I've put in my entry for Hellgate so we'll hopefully get a long run or two in for the build up (if I can keep up, he's fast!).

During my two weeks off I just got this unruly itch to race again. Hopefully I'll get in, but I can always race Northern CA and visit my parents in December.

I'm really looking forward to running Bergen Peak with some boys from the Steamboat race. Good stuff, and what great weather!


Aaron said...

Nice job out there today Patrick! I was glad to have you there to at least try to hang on to in the middle splits. You were running strong. Have fun up Bergen, I'll have to hit that up with you next time...tomorrow's out for me.

Jim P. said...

Hellgate looks...just plain silly. Frozen corneas? Frozen aid station beverages? Character-building race for sure. Great running w/ you today. post, my "word verification" was "traili."

PatrickGarcia said...

Aaron- good running with you, will be running a lot more this coming fall/winter so let me know.

Jim- Yeah, I think that's part of the motivation for me, similar to San Juan or something, no real aspirations to kill it, just survive. I need to get some clear lenses for the sunglasses to shield them boys. Keep the lines open, I'm generally up in the Evergreen area a lot during the winter. Also, my blog must have a good feeling about you :)